The Way Out is Through…Keep Going

I’m going to share with you a few of the challenges I’ve had in the last couple of weeks because I want you to know God is FAITHFUL in the middle. No need to feel sorry for me because you and people you know are going through the same or worse situations. It’s just life.  I am not just putting quotes on my Facebook page and sharing resources with you to be cute. I want you to be encouraged and have hope! I want you to know that you know that you know: God will NEVER leave you or forsake you.

To be honest, when I am encouraging you I am encouraging myself in the Lord as well.

In the last 4 weeks….I bet you can relate:

The contract I’ve supported my family with for the last two years ended. (I have told almost no one, yet God sent people to help take care of Christmas for my kids and me.)

My daughter’s heater stopped working in her car. (When I asked how much I owed, the answer was, “It’s taken care of.” I had said nothing to anyone about needing help. I just thanked God for taking care of all of our needs.)

My son had another seizure episode which resulted in an ER visit and having to wear a heart monitor. (He got to come home and is doing well.)

My son also tripped in gym, hit a wall with his head, passed out and busted his head resulting in him having stitches. (I can barely see the scar and he had no concussion symptoms.)

The same day I had a flat tire and had to have two new tires on my car. (I made it to my son’s school and to the doctor’s office before it went flat. Someone took care of my tires and another, the front end alignment. Again, all I did was thanked God for His provision and believed He would work it out.)

My web site keeps going down just as I’m trying to really get active with my writing and get some resources to you. Ugh! (It’s fixed for now.)

I spent this whole week in bed really sick with flu-like symptoms even though I had a flu shot. There is no paid sick leave when you work for yourself so it has been extra frustrating! (God made our bodies to fight disease and win! He still hasn’t left me.)

I can choose to see the faithfulness of God or all the challenges. I choose God!

All of us are in the middle of something:  family issues, infertility, care of elderly parents, health problems, loss of loved ones, trauma, tragedy, divorce. The list could go on forever and you may have a combination of issues you deal with daily.

It’s easy to turn our anger and frustration toward God.

Why didn’t He prevent this? Why is He not getting me out of this? Why did He let me get into this?!?

In the middle of all of life’s predicaments, God sees you. If God doesn’t deliver you from your problem, He will bring you through it.  He’s in the middle of it with you, strengthening you and helping you.

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalms 46:5

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when the morning dawns.”

Based on personal experience and scripture, most of the time the way out is through. I believe in miracles…they just don’t usually come with a lightning bolt and an angelic visitation. Most of the miracles I have experienced have been through a process; they haven’t been a rescue from, they have been deliverance through. I would prefer the former but I usually get the latter!

The question, “Why Lord,” is useless.

“What now Lord?” is much more useful.

We may never know why, but we need to keep going regardless.

The answer to why has to do with yesterday and I need to know what to do today. Knowing why rarely changes anything.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS:  Jesus paid a very high price for our salvation and part of what He redeemed for us is an abundant life. (John 10:10)

If I pay for something for my children I want them to have the benefit of everything I paid for, not just part. God does too.

I don’t want to just barely make it through and be miserable the entire time.  The times I have felt like I was just barely making it, my life was unbearable.

What we believe determines how we live. What we believe determines how we handle our middles, which is why FAITH is the key to an abundant life.

But what about when our faith is at an all-time low and we feel we have been deserted? I have good news! You can get your faith back, and you can grow your faith.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

We talk all the time; to others and ourselves. We rehearse our problems. We criticize. We complain. We worry. Why not speak the words of faith instead?

When we put the word of God into our eyes and ears and get it into our hearts, we become more aware of His presence and more familiar with His voice. We gain wisdom and we are clearer about what we are to do. We get to know Him and the way the Kingdom of God works. He reveals to us how much He loves us and we begin to really trust and hope in Him.

The bottom line: Our lives become enjoyable and we don’t feel as burdened no matter what is going on.


The word of God is a treasure and it is vital to your life for you to read, study, hear teaching and preaching, and know scripture. Jesus said,

“Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

Make a decision right now to give God’s word first place in your life this year. I promise it will make all the difference!

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Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 20 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor. He loves school and church and his friends and is not fond of summer break.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 17 year old senior in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter. She’s sings in a band called Coopertheband when she’s not at school or in church.

Angela works from home as a freelance writer and blogger. She is also available to speak at your next event.

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We are given gifts according to our abilities.


I was listening to a talk in which the speaker was talking about the parable of the talents. If you aren’t familiar with the story here’s a partial summary:

The Lord of an estate gives three different people who worked for him responsibility for one, two and five talents to steward, (take care of,) while he is away. They were given different amounts according to their abilities. The moral of the story is God is pleased when we steward our gifts well and develop them to the fullest of their potential.

Many of you know that I have a son who is a special needs adult. The best way to describe his intellectual disability is a 5-8 year old mind in a fully functional man’s body. The older he gets the more frustrated he is getting and the more he is acting that out, and the more challenging parenting him has become.

Please don’t misunderstand, he is a great kid and I love him like crazy. This is just the reality of our situation right now.

The thing that hit me between the eyes is this: He is a gift that my Lord has given to me to take care of and Jesus makes the point in this parable that I was given the gift of Evan Scott according to my abilities.

Really? God are you sure because, often and especially lately, I feel very overwhelmed and inept to handle all the decisions and daily issues that come with this gift. Many days Lord I don’t feel able to take care of this gift properly. I felt more confident in my ability when he was younger although I have certainly never felt fully competent.

Even if I feel I don't have the ability, Jesus says I do.


God is not a liar so apparently I do have them. So then my mind becomes loud with questions and sounds like this:

What abilities are those exactly?

How do I find those inside of myself?

How do I not constantly feel anxious and overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with this gift you have given me?

How do I look at even the challenging moments as part of the gift and not resent God for allowing Evan to have to deal with this?

How do I not resent God for giving me and Phoebe the ‘gift’ of dealing with all that goes with being a special needs mom and special needs sister?

I’m starting with the paradigm shift that if God says I have the ability then I do. We walk by faith and not by sight, right? I can’t see it so this seems like a good jumping off point.

I’m also trying to develop my awareness that the Holy Spirit is always present and one of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to lead us into all truth. I feel very alone on this journey so this is a process for sure.

Along with this awareness I’m trying to build the habit of having a constant dialogue with Him and asking Him for help more often. Asking for help is not my strong suit. I have found a lot of help, asked for or not, comes wrapped in strings. He is our helper.

David advises us in the Psalms to forget not His benefits. This is a benefit  I had forgot sometimes.  I am finding His help to be wrapped in only love, which is refreshing.

James encourages us to ask for wisdom if we are lacking and says the Lord will give it to us liberally and without judgement. I’m asking for it much more often these days and He is faithful; I just have to calm down and listen.

As far as the resentment goes, the Lord is making me much more aware of when resentment toward Him and others pops up. It has been a bit shocking and very uncomfortable how often I am having resentful feelings. The only thing I know to do is be honest with Jesus, and ask Him to help me. I then, on purpose, try to think on something in the “think on these things” list.

I also try to remember that I have given God and many others plenty of reasons to resent me and I appreciate the grace I have been given and want to give the same grace away.

Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. ~Philippians 4:8 ESV

I think the key is hope which is waiting in trust. I remind myself that if I just wait and trust that God has best in mind for all of us, including Evan, everything is going to be okay.

I have access to everything I need.


I’m still in THE MIDDLE of accepting I have the ability to do this or God would not have given me this gift….after nearly 21 years. I’m a slow learner.

I’m still in THE MIDDLE of figuring out how to use all of the resources Jesus’ sacrifice gave me access to.

I still make lots of mistakes but His strength is made perfect in my weakness, and for that I say to the Lord, the giver of gifts, thank you.


Thank you for visiting The Land of Angela today. I hope your were encouraged and my experiences help you somehow to navigate your own MIDDLE more easily. I believe we can use our real faith for real life. I’d love to hear your thoughts so pop over to my Facebook page  and leave a comment, or leave one below. Also if you think this could be an encouragement to your friends, I would be honored if you share on your social media pages.



Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 20 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor. He loves school and church and his friends and is not fond of summer break.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 17 year old senior in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter. She’s sings in a band called Coopertheband when she’s not at school or in church.

Angela works from home as a freelance writer and blogger. She is also available to speak at your next event.




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Parenting is Full Contact


Now that Mother’s Day is over, with all it’s sweet quotes about children and parenting, and summer break has begun, let’s get real.

Parenting is like the X-Games

Parenting is full of extremes. When done right it’s full contact and its full of mistakes. It’s full of joy and full of heartbreak. It is exhausting and exhilarating. Some days you want to hide your head under the covers in shame and some days you want to stand on top of something and cheer with pride!

With all of the extremes of parenting, and because life is also full of irony, we also have to find some sort of balance.

We actually have to find some MIDDLE ground.

We have to find some MIDDLE ground between yes’s and no’s. We have to find a place in the MIDDLE of rescuing our kids and training them to solve their own problems. We have to find a MIDDLE ground between having a good relationship with them and losing their respect.

We are to be their primary influence and teach them to think on their own. We have to train them to be adults and allow them to be kids.

We must give them grace and we must show them we mean what we say. We are supposed to protect them, and make sure they know that actions have consequences.

We are responsible for keeping them alive but some days we want to kill them.

I could go on but you get the idea. If you add in single parenting, a spouse who is active duty military or travels a lot, going back to school, a heavy work schedule, special needs parenting, or being the primary caretaker for a loved one; it’s X-games on steroids.

Some random examples of full contact moments…

I have acted like a mama bear in all manner of school meetings and sports events because I felt like some injustice had been done.

I have drugged my son and hung on for dear life to keep him still so he could have a root canal. (He got up on a stool while the floor was wet to look at his behind in the mirror causing stitches and a broken tooth. I’m sure I should have been watching him more closely.)

I came out of church one Mother’s Day to find my children fighting over who was going to sit in the front seat. My son was crying and there was snot hanging from his nose like a tire swing hangs from a tree. If any guests witnessed what happened next, I feel sure they did not come back to our church the following week!

I rescued my daughter from certain death when she fell off of a dock and into the water on a camping trip. The next summer I pushed her off the diving board.

When she was about three she started throwing a fit in the car and said she didn’t want to go home. I pulled over and told her to get out. “We are going home and if you don’t want to go home you should probably get out of the car.” She began to beg to go home. “Oh perfect. I’m so glad you want to go home because that’s where we’re going.”


 Here are 5 Survival Tips that work for me:


Prayer is our lifeline as parents. Prayer is the key to unlocking wisdom, discernment, strength, and joy. God is the perfect parent and the more time we spend talking with him the more we will parent like Him.

Everything that we have-right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start-comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. ~1 Corinthians 1:30 MSG


Set an example-

There are 3 ways to lead: by example, by example, and by example. ~Unknown

We lead our children. Parenting is not passive. Our children are following us so we must ask ourselves, “Since my children are following me, where am I taking them?”

If we want our children to have manners, we must use some manners. If we want them to be even tempered, we can’t be in the habit of losing ours. If we want our children to be stable we can’t live on an emotional roller coaster.  I want my children to have an extraordinary relationship with the Lord, but I can’t make them. I have to show them. I want my children to be forgiving which means, when I do something wrong I have to ask for forgiveness. My children know better than anyone that I am far from perfect, but they also know that everything I expect from them, I also try to live.

Train them-

 Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6 Amp

Setting an example is important, but it is not enough. We have to teach them how to behave in specific situations or they don’t know. We have to teach them how to deal with stress in a healthy way. We have to teach them good habits. We have to teach them how to practice gratitude. I could go on for days. We have to teach them. We don’t just expect them to come out of the womb knowing how to do algebra, so why do we sometimes expect them to instinctively  know how to do life? If that were the case, they wouldn’t need parents.

Allow them to earn things-

My children don’t have to earn things like my love and acceptance. I provide that free of charge. I provide for their needs free of charge. I do however make them earn their own spending money and I make them pay for things that are expensive.

For example, I gave my daughter my old phone when I got a smartphone. I made her pay for her first smart phone. Why? Because it’s important for her to learn the value of things. Because when they have a part in working for the things they want  they take care of them. Because with setting a goal and working for it comes self confidence. Because I am training my children to be adults and when you are an adult you have to work for the things you have.

I cannot send my children out into the world thinking the world is going to present them with things on a silver platter at no cost just because. I would be doing them a disservice.

Give them some grace-

Grace is like....


I do not expect my children to be perfect. I do expect them to do their best. I don’t always do my best though and neither does anyone else. God gives me grace and so do a lot of other people in my life, including my children.

Finding some MIDDLE ground means we just have to give them a break sometimes.

Grace doesn’t mean we make excuses for bad behavior, it just means we acknowledge that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

Grace gives my kids a safe place to land when they fall on their face, and it makes it much more likely they will run to me when they are in trouble instead of running away from me.

I am not the most warm and furry parent. 

I wish I was a better parent. Who doesn’t? I wish I was sweeter and more patient and I never yelled.

You know what they say about wishing in one hand….well nevermind. A good parent would probably not use that as an example.

I do love my kids like crazy and I have on my protective gear. Maybe that’s enough!

What about you? Do you have any moments where your kids act like orphans? Any moments where you felt like you were hanging off of a cliff? I would love to hear about them!

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Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 19 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 15 year old sophomore in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter.

She works from home as a freelance writer, blogger, and medical biller.

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5 Lessons I learned from my divorce. Lesson 5-It's about my dignity


I have been divorced now for four years. It was, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever gone through. If it is at all avoidable, I recommend you avoid it. I handled some things well and I handled some things badly.

Today is Part 5 in a series about the things I have learned through the process. Click here to read Part 1. Click here to read Part 2. Click here to read Part 3. Click here to read Part 4.

I believe these lessons can be applied to many areas of our lives. As you read about what I’ve learned I hope you will allow God to show you the places in your life where they can be most useful.

The best lessons learned in THE MIDDLE of any circumstance or season of our lives, are the ones that teach us wisdom and can be applied as principles we live by.

Disclaimer: This is my journey and my story to tell. It is not my intention to dishonor anyone in the process of sharing these things. My prayer is to give you some food for thought as you journey through THE MIDDLE of your own challenges. It is only by the grace of God and the prayers and support of many people, that I have come to the place in my journey that I am able and willing to share some of the lessons I’ve learned. 


As I look back, I am amazed at some of the ways I have allowed myself to be treated over the years. I mean really amazed. The obvious question is, why?

When I was a child, my options were limited and my knowledge about how to deal with certain situations was veiled by my age and immaturity. As an adult,however, I had choices and I chose repeatedly to allow myself to be treated as worthless. I always justified  my choices.

I’m allowing this because of the children. I’m allowing this because I love him. I’m allowing this because I’m trying to save my family. It all sounds very noble and righteous. The truth is, I allowed it because I had no dignity.

Dignity- the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, self-respect ~Google Definitions

The truth will make you free, but it will usually make you mad first. Just hang with me a minute.

Please don’t hear what I’m NOT saying. I’m not talking about foolish pride that says, “I deserve to be treated better than everyone else because, after all, I am!” I’m not talking about walking out on relationships and covenant because someone makes a mistake. I’m not talking about the attitude, ‘I’m just not happy so I’m leaving.”  I’m not talking about not being humble and kind.

I am talking about not believing you are worthy, if for no other reason than you are a child of God, of being treated with decency. I am talking about not allowing yourself to be in an emotionally abusive (or physically abusive) relationship.

One of my dearest friends, after being present for a verbal lashing, suggested to me that it was not okay for someone to speak to me ‘that way.’ The thought had never occurred to me. I remember in that moment I had a paradigm shift.

A turning point moment is when you think a new thought and take action on the new thought. ~Linda Toupin

The quote I used in part 2 of this series works both ways. “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Who are you showing people you are? I was showing people in my life that I had no dignity. I was showing them, no matter what I was saying, that it was okay to treat me with disrespect. If I don’t respect myself, why should you? I was showing people that I didn’t think I deserved to honored or cared for.

Remember, I also said that the only way people change is from the inside out, and the Lord has to do the changing. We just have to be willing to go through the process. He used my friend’s statement to begin the process of showing me that I was dignified. He began to deposit deep into my spirit, as I prayed and studied, that I was the child of the King of Kings. It doesn’t get much more dignified than that!

 To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion—to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit—that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. ~Isaiah 61:3 AMP

5 Things I learned from my Divorce Part 5- It's about my dignity


When you study this scripture out, you fine that “beauty for ashes” means worth for worthlessness.

I began to realize that no matter what anyone else thought about me, Jesus thought I was worth coming in the flesh for, being tortured for, and dying for.

Really read that verse. Take it in like a deep refreshing breath of spring air. Listen to Jesus tell you that He came to put a crown (ornament) of worth on you head; to anoint you with joy, to wrap you in praise.

Hear Him as He says He is doing this so you may be called lofty and strong, distinguished! He wants people to know you are His and you are magnificent, so when they look at what He has done in you, He will be glorified.

In other words, people will talk about how good He is, how great His mercy is, and that He is love personified.

If you can read that verse and not feel worthy of honor and respect….well just read it again until you do! We are not dignified because we’re perfect, we’re dignified because of what he has done, and is still doing in us. The bottom line is this:

If I am worth something to God then I am going to walk with dignity, and I will not allow anyone to take the dignity, the worth, and self-respect He gave me away.

I would like to tell you I have walked this decision out perfectly, but I’m not a liar. I still give away my dignity sometimes. I still fall back into the same patterns of showing people I think I’m not worth respecting; showing them I don’t respect myself.

By the grace of God I’ve come a long way though, and He promises He finishes what He starts so I have hope!

5 Things I learned from my divorce Part 5 It's about my dignity


I want my daughter to see in her mother a woman who is dignified, a woman who has self-respect and won’t allow herself to be treated as someone who is worthless. I want her to see a woman who knows, not only who she is, but who she belongs to.

I want her to see dignity in me because I want her to know she is worthy of respect and honor. I want her to respect herself. I want her to know she is not just my child, but a child of the King of Kings. I want her to know I think she is worth all the best things, and that I believe she is strong enough to stand up to any difficulty that comes her way.

If she sees these things in me and I train her up in the way she should go, (which is my most important calling,) and she believes what the Lord says about her, (this part requires a lot of prayer,) she will walk in dignity all the days of her life.

She will make wiser decisions than I have. Her roots will go deep and if the storms of disrespect, dishonor, and abuse come, she will not be moved. She will not allow her dignity to be taken. She will be called the planting of the Lord and He will be glorified in her.

You see, it’s not all about me. It’s about the people I have an influence on, and the reputation of the God I serve.

Thank you for visiting the Land of Angela today! I hope this post and this series have been a blessing to you, and God has used some of the things I have learned to teach you something that will help you move through THE MIDDLE of your journey.

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Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 19 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 15 year old sophomore in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter.

She works from home as a freelance writer, blogger, and medical biller.

















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An Advent Aha Moment

My Advent Aha Moment

As is usually the case with me, I am a bit behind with my Christmas decorating. The Christmas tree is in the house and at some point there will be lights and decorations on it. The poinsettias are on the porch and on the table out on the deck. I think that’s winning!   I am also a bit behind in my Advent-ing! I just got the greenery around my wreath, which I cut off of trees in my yard.

This morning I finally found an extension cord in a box in the basement to plug in the $10 tree that is to be our Jesse Tree. Phoebe and I are still not finished coloring our homemade Jesse Tree Ornaments. Nevertheless, our perfectly imperfect Advent project has been fun, and changed our Christmas focus. Getting this done today made me soooo happy.

The candles didn’t fit so I took a cotton bowl my friend brought me and stuffed them inside the holes. (I have a thing for cotton. I actually want to plant a cotton bush in my yard. :)) This perfectly imperfect fix also made me very happy! Tonight we will play catch up and put 9 ornaments on the tree and light two candles! Not exactly how it’s typically done, but welcome to the Land of Angela!

My Advent Aha Moment


Phoebe and I have colored and talked and watched movies, it’s really been fun. While we were coloring she was reading the verses on the ornaments and looking at the pictures, and several times has asked me what they mean. I kind of had an Aha moment and it wasn’t really the good kind.

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.~Proverbs 22:6

I am really good at consistently living out my faith in front of them, I’m pretty much the same in the pulpit as I am in the kitchen, but I haven’t been really good at teaching them HOW I practice my faith. The things I do to daily to learn more about the Bible and how I, on purpose, nurture my relationship with the Lord, I have not passed on to them. She has her own personal relationship with the Lord, as does Evan in his own way, but my job as a parent is to “train them up in the way they should go.” This whole concept of letting them find their own way is lazy parenting. They wouldn’t even need parents if that’s the way it’s supposed to work,  but that’s just my opinion so feel free to file it wherever you think it belongs. 😉

I realized in that moment that in many ways I have failed.  Not exactly a great testimony for a minister and someone who writes a lot about her faith!

Once again I find myself imperfect, but full of His perfect sufficient grace. I will not get bogged down in feeling shameful or condemned. I will just do better from now on. Here’s a message I can preach! I have certainly walked out the pages of it over and over and over and….well you get the idea. I’ve got good news for all of us! We don’t have to be perfect as we walk through THE MIDDLE of our parenting journey. We just have to be good students. I’m going to make sure our Advent celebration is just the beginning of me passing on the way I practice my faith to my children. I have no idea exactly how to do it, but He is a Wonderful Counselor. I’m sure He’ll give me some good ideas.

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better I do better.~Maya Angelou

I am really excited tonight to begin going through Jesus’ family tree, the Jesse tree, and to begin teaching them the things I have learned. Christmas will take on a new meaning to them as they learn that the volume of the book is written of Him. I am going to make potato soup. Dress code will be pajamas. I may even make cookies and hot chocolate and we are going to have a great time together as we celebrate Advent imperfectly. It’s going to be perfect!

This is the most fun I’ve had during the holidays in a long time, and for that I am thankful.

I would love to hear how you are making this season meaningful, and please give me some ideas about how you train up your children in the way they should go. I clearly need them! I would love it if you would post them in the comment section or on my Land of Angela Facebook Page.

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Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 19 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 15 year old sophomore in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter.

She works from home as a freelance writer, blogger, and medical biller.



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5 Tools Every Single Parent Needs

Tools Every Single Parent Needs

Single Parenting is tough, but the right tools make it easier!

I used to think parenting was the hardest job on earth, and of course the most rewarding. I was wrong! I still think parenting is the most rewarding job on earth, but single parenting is so much harder. Whether you are a single mom or single dad,  here’s to you as you overcome all of the challenges you face every day. None of us deserve nor do we want extra credit. When you sign on to be a parent you sign up for every season and for whatever comes with each change and transition. The fact that it is tough just is what it is. Thank God His grace is sufficient. 🙂

I am one of the lucky ones who live close to family and have a great church family and friends who all back me up. I’ve been a single parent to my 15 year old daughter and my 18 year old special needs ‘kid’ for nearly four years now. I can’t even imagine what I would do if they were toddlers! As single parents we are responsible for everything that running a household involves and everything raising children involves, plus somehow having a life outside of our responsibilities. It seems never ending.  If we add anything to everyday life; i.e moving, health issues, extracurricular activities, going back to school, working more than one job, etc.; run of the mill exhaustion can graduate to a general feeling of being  overwhelmed. You know that red dot on the commercials. I am there. We just moved and I’ve had a year of health challenges so I am past exhausted at this point.

The good news is that I’ve been here before and I now have some tools in my tool belt, that if used, will help me get through THE MIDDLE of this season. Hopefully they will help you too and writing them down will remind me!


5 Tools Every Single Parent Needs


  • Your WD-40  :  In our new home on the lake we have this big sliding glass door with a screen that gives us a lovely view of the lake. The screen has been hard to open and close since we moved in and finally it just came off the tracks. A little muscle power from my honey got it back on track, but it was the WD-40 that made it stay on track and move smoothly back and forth. Taking care of your physical body is your WD-40. We MUST take care of our bodies. There is no way we can physically stay on track and do all we have to do or anything we want to do if we have no energy. Our lives will just not run smoothly if our bodies shut down. We have to eat healthy food and drink water. I have someone locally who makes fresh juice for me. Being able to drink a ton of nutrition while I’m working or on my way somewhere is priceless. (If you are interested in her contact info and you are local to me, let me know.) I also recently assembled some crock pot meals that I put in the freezer. This ensures that when I come home exhausted from the day we don’t eat hot dogs and mac and cheese as often.  I do not enjoy shopping for anything but shoes 🙂 so I have to, on purpose, make sure there is food in the house. If I don’t intentionally stock up,  I will eat like a college kid. I’m too old to be able to function long on junk. *Just as a side note, your kids feel much more secure when you have a pantry full of food. Exercise doesn’t have to be a big hairy deal.  A walk with the kids after dinner is good for everyone and calms everyone down before bed.

Prayer Hits the Nail on the Head

  • YOUR HAMMER:  When I was in college we didn’t have a real hammer so we used a silver hair brush. It was pretty heavy and it seemed to get the job done most of the time, but clearly having a real hammer would have been more effective. As single parents we sometimes get so caught up in our to do lists and our hectic schedules that it’s like we’re trying to put nails in the wall with our own strength and a hair brush when we really need a hammer to get the job done right and with less effort. Prayer is the hammer in our belt and will hit the nail on the head every time. Pray for wisdom. Pray for provision. Pray for strength. Pray for discernment. Pray for your children; for them to do well on tests and make divine connections, to have favor at school and to make wise choices, to have a real and close relationship with God.  Pray for help. Pray for answers to problems and clarity when making decisions. Pray for some things just for you.  Even though we sometimes feel like it’s just us against the world and we sometimes feel so alone, we are not alone. My favorite verse, the one that brings me the most comfort during this season is John 16:32 AMP

 But take notice, the hour is coming, and it has arrived, when you will all be dispersed and scattered, every man to his own home, leaving Me alone. Yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.

  • YOUR DRILL: I was taking curtains down at the old house before we moved. I have a new drill and getting those screws out of the wall took no time flat and plus I felt very powerful! The ones that my drill was too big to get to where nearly impossible to for me with my pitiful and strength to get out of the wall and it took twice as long.  I am not a great housekeeper. I am a horrible organizer. My brain just doesn’t work that way. Order and routine cuts the stress in our lives way down so had to get some help. Trying to figure it out on my own was like trying to get those screws out of the wall with a screw driver. It wore me out and took forever. There are two websites I have found that make keeping my house in order and more organized much easier: and When I use their advice I get things done in half the time and I feel like super woman!


  • DUCT TAPE: When I don’t have a permanent fix to a household repair, I just pull out the duct tape and piece it together until I can come up with one. The water line from my sink to my fridge started spraying out water one night and I had no idea what to do. I wrapped duct tape around that sucker until I could figure how to fix the problem. There is no room for perfectionism in the life of a single parent. Sometimes the best we can do is just the best we can do. It’s not always pretty and it’s not always permanent. But if duct tape will keep the kitchen from flooding I’m winning! Keeping it together in the MIDDLE of chaos is a win! Given a little  time we will come up with a permanent and more attractive solution. We have to give ourselves credit for what we can do right now.

Don't fail! Go ahead and read the Instructions!

  • THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL: joke around (kind of) that I am right 95% of the time. The truth is, there are many times I have no idea what to do or how I’m going to take another step forward.  I have really struggled in THE MIDDLE of this transition from being married for 16 years to being a single parent. To be totally honest, I have struggled more than I ever thought I would. I had this “I am woman hear me roar mentality,” which is not all bad, but I had no idea the changes and challenges that divorce would bring to every area of my life and the lives of my children. The one thing that has kept me moving forward is that I have the instruction manual. The Bible is where I go for wisdom, comfort, encouragement, clarity and strength. I find hope and direction in the Word of God. There are many ways to get in there and find out how the instructions apply to your life and situation. The best way for me, is to read a chapter a day of a book that addresses a subject I need instruction in and that pulls out the parts of the Bible that apply.

When you have the right tools any job can be a joy! I hope this helps you. Writing it has certainly helped me. I would love to hear your TIPS AND TOOLS! Leave them in the comments section and be sure to share with another single parent you know.

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Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 19 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 15 year old sophomore in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter.

She works from home as a freelance writer, blogger, and medical biller.

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