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Learn life lessons with Angela as she builds an abundant life in

THE MIDDLE of whatever season she finds herself.


Angela is a single mom raising her two favorite people.

Her favorite son Evan is a baseball and wrestling loving 20 year old young man with special needs, and a great sense of humor. He loves school and church and his friends and is not fond of summer break.

Her favorite daughter Phoebe is a 17 year old senior in high school, who is also a gifted and anointed musician, and singer/songwriter. She’s sings in a band called Coopertheband when she’s not at school or in church.

Angela works from home as a freelance writer and blogger. She is also available to speak at your next event.

God’s not mad at you! He is crazy, scandalously, madly in love with you!

Take a time out. Experience His wonderful kindness and care with Angela as she opens up her real,

imperfect everyday life, and shares what God is teaching her on her journey.

In the Land of Angela, we are very realistic! We expect a miracle every day.

Be part of the growing community of people who have decided to find the extraordinary in the ordinary; to journey with joy and live and love on purpose in THE MIDDLE of whatever is going on in their lives. Be sure and subscribe to receive your posts by email so you don’t miss anything, and also follow The Land of Angela on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

I believe the key to living the abundant life Jesus came to give us is learning how to navigate what I call THE MIDDLE. I would be honored if you would join me. Just go to the Blog section to read about what I am learning. I am looking forward to creating a community of people who have decided to really live life, right now….yes, even in THE MIDDLE! I hope you will share your lessons and your stories when you visit. We are better together! I encourage you to subscribe, comment and share with your friends and family.

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